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FREE Human Trafficking Awareness Course

Registration, completion, and claiming continuing education instructions.

Why you should take this course?

There is a legislative initiative spreading throughout the US requiring all healthcare professionals to take a continuing education course on Human Trafficking awareness.

Texas leads the states in the highest level of requirements. However, its legislation also required the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (THHSC) to offer a free course to meet the Texas Board of Nursing requirements for course completion.

What does this mean for you?

Taking the THHSC will satisfy legal requirements for all states requiring the course (TX, MI, FL)

Following our guide will take the hassle out of the course


The Truth About the Anesthesia Sign-on Bonus FREE COURSE

A presentation of the common recruitment incentive of a sign-on bonus. Review what a sign-on bonus is, what you can negotiate, how much money actually goes into your pocket, and how much you have to repay if you have to separate before the terms of the sign-on contract expire.

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3 Steps to Class B Credit: Find-Fill-File

The goal of the course is to provide a resource library for Class B activities. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to:

Find a Class B activity. Easily find the right reporting document and upload it to obtain credit.

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NBCRNA Type B Courses

Mandatory Texas BON Courses with AANA Type A Credit

CPR Business Bootcamp

How to start a profitable CPR Business with our CPR Business in a (virtual) Box. Go from zero to your first paying client while avoiding mistakes most CPR Instructors manipulate.

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Texas Mandatory CE Bundle $AVE

One-stop shopping for all of your mandatory CEs for the Texas BON with AANA Type A credit. Purchase all 4 course with 5 Type A credits in one stop. Geriatric Care, Jurisprudence, Ethics & Tick-borne. Bundle offers a discounted purchase price over individual purchase

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Jurisprudence for CRNAs
(1 Type A)

An interesting read with Medicolegal cases involving CRNA Providers. This course meets criteria for the Texas BON required Targeted CE and AANA for 1 hour of Type A credit. This allows one course to meet state licensure requirements and NBCRMA Certification requirements.

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Ethics for the CRNA
(1 Type A CE)

Ethics for the CRNA course provides current materials and compliance.( Download the updated AANA Position Statement on Ethics in the course.) Obtain AANA Type A credit for the course (1 hour) which meets BOTH the Texas BON targeted education requirement and AANA Type A credit for NBCRNA certification.

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Lyme Disease & Anesthesia Implications (1 AANA Type A CE)

Tick-borne Disease is a Texas BON Targeted Education requirement IF you work with the population. After reading this article, you will determine that it is likely that individuals with suspected or actual tick-borne disease pathophysiology may encounter anesthesia care. This course offers 1 hour of AANA Type A credit which applies to BOTH Texas BON requirements and NBCRNA certification requirements.

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Care of the Geriatric Patient
(2 AANA Type A CE)

Our population of older adults is escalating. More and more older adults will access healthcare resulting in the need for more anesthetics. Learn the updated guidelines on providing safe anesthesia care to the aging population. This course is approved for 2 hours of AANA Type A credit. It additionally meets the Texas Board of Nursing targeted education requirements for care of the geriatric patient that is required every nursing licensure period for those who work with the geriatric population.

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